The Cosmic Nomad Journey

This is a short photo diary of some of the places I’ve been over the years. I wish I could capture every wonderful moment!

June 2017. Started out up in the Adirondacks in NY state. One of the places I stayed was my beloved Forked Lake, where I camped every summer.

Forked Lake Primitive Camping
The summer of 2017 was one of the wettest in the Adirondacks!
View of Forked Lake in the Adirondacks
Horseshoe Lake Primitive Camping in The Adirondacks
Sweet path down to Horseshoe Lake from my campsite!
One of my happiest places! Forked Lake.
Moose River Plains Primitive Camping
Long Lake/Forked Lake Primitive Campsite
Little Green Pond

October 2017 was my maiden voyage, solo cross country to Arizona!

My first trip cross country to Arizona!
Made it to Winslow Arizona! October 2017
McHugh park outside of Winslow AZ
My first camp in Flagstaff. This area is since closed.
Made it to Quartzsite Arizona! This was my first campsite on the Long Term Visitor Area.
October 2017. I fell in love with the desert sky! This is the cactus, my second campsite on the Long Term Visitor area in Quartzsite AZ, where Nancy and I met!
Desert sky in Quartzsite AZ.
Desert Rainbow
Desert Sunsets in Arizona
Moonrise in Quartzsite
New friend in the desert in Quartzsite!
Spiral at the campsite outside of Yuma, AZ. American Girl Mine primitive camping.
The first year out we were in the Sequoias! Summer 2018
Sequoia National Forest 2018
Morrow Bay, California 2018
Finally put my feet in the Pacific Ocean! I’ve officially been coast to coast!
View from Cuesta Ridge, CA 2018
Dome Rock in the Sequoias, the only place there was a cell signal
Oatman, AZ, where the burrows run wild! 2019
Pahrump, Nevada
I got to sign the Burning Van! Set on fire at the end of the 2020 RTR! (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous)
Getting ready to publish my first book. Mostly written at Libraries!

My first book!

Wild Women On The Road: A Women’s Guide To Nomadic Freedom In The Modern Age.

My second book!

Top Ten Lists For Nomads: The (Mostly) Lighter Side of Nomadic Life

A1 Mountain Rd, now closed. Flagstaff AZ. 2019
Flagstaff AZ 2021
Flagstaff AZ
The Cadillac Graveyard in Amarillo, Texas
The longest, most barren road I’ve ever driven! On the way to Roswell, NM
Aliens at the Roswell Museum in NM
Another stop at The Corner In Winslow AZ! 2021
Table Mesa AZ 2022
Primitive camping Table Mesa AZ 2022
Another spectacular sunset Table Mesa AZ
I can never get enough of the desert sunsets. Table Mesa, AZ
2022 Superstition Mountains Apache Junction, AZ
Can’t beat this view out of my van. Superstition Mountains. 2022
Superstition mountains, Apache Junction AZ 2022
Superstition Mountains, AZ 2022
Getting our guitar on at a Women’s Gathering January 2022
Mitry Lake AZ 2022
Painted Desert, AZ 2022
Grand Canyon 2022
ME at The Grand Canyon 2022
Primitive camping near the Grand Canyon! 2022
Superstition Mountain Lost Dutchman Museum 2022
Elephant Butte State Park NM
Sometimes ‘ya just gotta!
Diving practice at The Blue Hole of Santa Rosa, NM (Not me!)
Long Lake, NY
Storm coming in, Kingman, AZ
A park near my daughter’s house outside of Middleburgh, NY
Click on the link HERE to see my video interview on TheGalavan!
Full Moon Rising over Quartzsite, AZ

This little guy was dropped off in our camp and he instantly bonded with me. He spent one night in my van, he was such a good boy but it confirmed what I’ve always known, I’m in no shape to take good care of a 4 legged buddy. He went to a no kill shelter and hopefully found a great home.

Adopted this little guy for one night!
Santa Rosa NM 2022
Elephant Butte State Park NM

You never know what’s going to happen on the road! Nancy was interviewed for a podcast in Williams, AZ. Unfortunately, it never aired.

Happy in Elephant Butte State Park, NM! 2022

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