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My name is Mary Ellen Telesha, I live nomad life and travel as a modern day nomad, and am the published author of the popular book Wild Women on The Road. It’s filled with how-to’s, personal experiences, and philosophy of nomad life.

Thanks for your arrival here! Come along with me on my nomad life! I live nomad life and travel full-time in a simple “no-build” mini-van. This life has some crazy-assed ups and downs, (which I share here on my website) and I’m loving it more than ever.

My attempt at nomad humor, Top Ten Lists For Nomads: The (Mostly) Lighter Side of Nomadic Life. was #1 in short travel reads on Amazon!

In my most recently published book, 600 Days As A Nomad: How The Mystical Power of Nature Healed My Body, Mind, and Soul, I share my experience being a newbie nomad. Straight from my journals, you can read about the trials and tribulations, joys and triumphs, of living the nomad and travel lifestyle.

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Recent Posts on Nomadic Life and Travel

Why would someone give up the comfort of traditional housing to become a nomad? For me it boiled down to this – A yearning to really LIVE MY LIFE, and not just exist! I get to have experiences and see places I never would if most of my income went to pay rent and utilities, just to sit in one place the rest of my life!

Nomad Books

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Wild Women On The Road is a great guide to navigate any radical life changes, including the traveling lifestyle.

600 Days As A Nomad is taken directly from real life journals of a newbie nomad. Mishaps, humor, joys and triumphs!

Top Ten Lists For Nomads is a little nomad humor for times when the road gets challenging!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you afford to travel?

One of the reasons people become nomads is because in today’s economy they can’t afford to own or rent and still be able to travel. Once I gave up my apartment, my rent payment became my gas money to travel! My mini-van is gas efficient and I camp as much as possible on free public land.

2. Why do people live as nomads in the modern world?

People choose nomad life and travel for a multitude of reasons. To live closer to nature, to see more of the world, to escape a bad situation, financial hardship, to save money, or health reasons such as mold illness. Some want a more meaningful life and have a deep craving for meaningful experiences. For most of us it comes down to one thing … a feeling of FREEDOM!

3. Have you ever been in danger?

Safety is relative! Of course, being out on the road exposes you to all kinds of people, but danger can happen anywhere. The best defense is situational awareness, but once you’ve been on the road awhile you do end up having the occasional troublesome experiences. You can read about my scariest nomad experience here!

4. Why are you in a mini-van and not a bigger RV?

When I first started looking for a nomad vehicle I was looking for a small RV. There was nothing to be found in my price range, so I started looking for a van. Now I love the simplicity, low gas mileage, and low maintenance of a mini-van! It forces me to live minimally, giving me more time and money to enjoy nomadic life!