I’m so excited to announce the updated and freshly edited version of Wild Women On The Road: A Women’s Guide to Nomadic Freedom in the Modern Age!

I wrote this book in 2018, only one year into my nomadic journey, and this updated version reflects not only personal growth, but changes in the larger world that nomads are facing.

As I updated and edited, I fell in love again with the nomadic journey!.

In this book I write about:

Creating a new reality for our lives by not letting social conditioning be the only influence on how we choose to live.

How we can make changes no matter where we are in our life’s journey, and become jedi masters over our doubts and fears.

How to live a life that may only make sense to us, while still contributing to the wellbeing of our loved ones, and humanity as a whole.

While the book describes my own journey, it also imparts the wisdom, advice, and philosophy necessary for a successful journey in life.

You have to ask the right questions to get the right answers! Together in this book we explore:

What do we find personally meaningful?
How do we balance fear and safety, and not allow fear to ruin our lives?
How, and why, should we downsize and free ourselves from “Stuff?”
How do we learn to trust our own innate wisdom, and even before that, how do we find that wisdom within?
How do find the “why” of what gives us personal meaning in life?
How do we cope when things get tough?
How do we get through major life changes without losing our minds?
How to thrive living in a tiny space with minimal possessions.
How strong we are as women, and more capable than we think!

All of these questions aren’t just for nomads, but for any woman, or person for that matter, searching for fulfillment and joy in their lives.

Each chapter is followed by Dig Deeper exercises, worksheets designed to help navigate the sometimes confounding emotional detours that threaten to take us off course in our journeys. The complete volume of exercises in this book can also be found separately on Amazon, in The Companion Journal to Wild Women On The Road.

Wild Women On The Road: A Women’s Guide To Nomadic Freedom in the Modern Age, continues to be the book that resonates with nomadic women. For many women, nomadic life is a personal women’s liberation movement. This book is not only my own personal account of nomad life, but also gives women a life coaching guide to navigate any journey in their lives.

My name is Mary Ellen Telesha, and I’ve worked with and for women for over 25 years, first as a patient care advocate in a medical setting, and then as a Certified Life Coach for women. Now, meeting other women on the road, I see every one of you living extraordinary lives, elegantly and powerfully!
Nomadism is a women’s movement.

In these modern times, the authentic woman is rising again in all her fierceness, and one of the ways she’s showing up in the world is in the increasing multitudes of women following the call of their wild hearts to live as nomads. If you’re reading this, you may be among the growing numbers of women feeling the mysterious pull of nomadic life. This book is written for you, wherever you may be in your life journeys.


Wild Women On The Road now has a Companion Journal!

Companion Journal To Wild Women On The Road

Each section of the journal coincides to the chapters in the book, with life coaching prompts for deeper awareness.

(Sold separately on Amazon.)

This book isn’t meant to exclude men! I’ve met awesome men on the road, but women have different issues that have to be “navigated” on the road.


© Telesha, Mary Ellen. Wild Women On The Road: A Women’s Guide To Nomadic Freedom In The Modern Age