Love On The Desert

We met on the desert at my cactus camp

My van still had NY plates. She was from a small town on the West side of the Adirondacks, I was from the East side. Her previous hometown was no more than a few hours from my mine. We had to travel cross country to meet each other and find love on the desert!

It was the fall of 2017. We’d both made the trek, from NY to AZ, cross country to the little town of Quartzsite, to the land of the LTVA.

She passed my cactus camp every day on her morning walk, one day she started up a convo and said … “Oh! NY plates!” She was just down a ways from me in another camp … was she watching me? Probably so. 🙂

We were drawn to each other like magnets 

We didn’t meet by chance, the Universe knew exactly what She was doing. We were drawn to each other like magnets, with every event in our past leading up to the moment we met.

The synchronicities were too many to dismiss … who else would know the eclectic band Sirsy? Her son did a music workshop with them and my daughter sang backup on one of their songs …which happened to be on the only Sirsy CD Nancy had brought with her. We also both play the guitar, and have an intense need for music in our lives.

The ranger asked her to move her camp a few days after we met. Had she moved to another spot before I got there, would we have met? The Universe would’ve found another way I bet.

After she moved, she no longer walked by my campsite every day, and I missed her. When I mentioned it to her, she invited me to share her camp. That was the beginning of our love on the desert!

It’s impossible to capture our journey in these few words. I’ve never believed in Twin Flames, but certainly, that’s exactly what we are. The thing about Twin Flames is, that we’re here to heal each other, to unearth trauma, to become the most vulnerable and raw we’ve ever been. This healing paves the way to the grace of pure love.

Happiness at the LP concert in Phoenix, AZ

We’ve spent time apart when the wounds were too raw. The time apart ripened us. It ripened me. I learned to soften my heart and let down my walls, and she learned it was time to become a whole person unto herself.

When we let each other back in, the sweetness filled us, our spirits soared, new energy flowed between us, unobstructed by the wounded egos of the past.

We’ve become clear channels for love and healing. I’ve never felt anything like it. We still have conflicts, like any normal couple, but we’ve learned the dance steps that bring us back together when we trip.

The nomad life we live together is the richer for our partnership. We’ve been coast to coast together, seen the mountains and deserts, the Sequoias and The Saguaros.

Sequioa National Forest
Nancy wrote a book of poetry, 34 poems that tell the story of our love on the desert. Find on Amazon: Poems and Love Stories of a Wandering Nomad.
Love on the desert - poems and love stories of a wandering nomad

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