I’m In Love

The Earth is My Home, and at Times I Visit Rooms Inside Four Walls. 

I hardly noticed the transition, but after two years as a nomad, it’s my new normal.

It used to be the opposite. Nature was a place I visited, sometimes for as long as a week or two, but home was within solid walls.

There Are Places In My Earth Home I’ve Fallen Passionately and Deeply In Love With.

Growing up bonding with the lavish Northeast forests of the Adirondacks, I didn’t expect to fall in love with the rockbound desert … but it was love at first sight.

The Southwest desert rings me a bell. Like a deep gong sounding up from the depths, Earth energy flows into my feet and moves through me in profound bass waves.

On the other side of the continent, the forests of the Northeast are abundantly lush. They transmit life-giving energy that soaks into my being like a soothing balm.

The Desert and Forest Heal, Each In Their Own Way. 

Desert Sunset

The vast stretches of the desert open me and encourages my consciousness to expand. It teaches me the possibility of thriving in the midst of challenging conditions. There is obvious danger in the desert, teaching me courage, and the ecstatic Southwest sunsets are rich rewards for facing my fears. Desert beauty is subtle, found in the play of purple shadows on rugged mountains, of light reflecting pastel shades of sage and sand and jade, beauty that takes an inner stillness to see. 

Mountains Seen From Quartzsite, Arizona

The desert’s stories float up from stone and sand, stories of ancient Earth in it’s birth throes long before humankind stood on it’s surface.

Natural Desert Rock Garden, Arizona
Solar Light

The forest has a different energy, wrapping itself around me like a soft green blanket, gently soothing my Spirit. The forests seem more benign than the desert, except for the raging lightening storms that race across the lakes and rage against the ancient towering trees until they finally choose to give way to ground. The forest’s verdant plant-nation is saturated with golden solar light, radiating an emerald glow that pours into my energy field and calms my vibrations.

Lushness in the Forest

The Northeast forests are explosions of growth, of plant and insect and animal life. They tell the stories of life’s infinite expressions, from the microcosm in the rich ground to the macrocosm of the magnificent old growth forests.

As a nomad I’m part of the stories, my consciousness engages in the tapestry of Universal energy surrounding me.  

Natural Zen Garden, Adirondack Lake

The Earth speaks eloquent stories to my heart and soul, stories that heal.

I’m so blessed to wake and greet the Earth, my holy lover, every single day!

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    1. Thank you! I know that feeling about longing, it’s part of what drew me into this nomadic lifestyle! Honor your longings, you never know where they may lead you. <3

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