The Sensuality of Nomad Life

It’s a crisp bright winter morning on the Arizona desert, and when I finally crawl out of my van, I’ve layered up in heavy socks, cozy hoodie, and Timberland boots. By the time I finish my morning coffee-making ritual, the sun is high in the piercing blue sky of the Southwest, warming the sandy earth. Sitting with the sun at my back and steaming coffee in hand, the sunshine pours down on me and I feel my body absorb it’s penetrating warmth. I’m immersed in the sensuality of nomad life!

The breeze is slight and cool, a perfect contrast to the rays of heat behind me. A hummingbird, attracted to my colorful hoodie, dives in and hovers for a few seconds at eye level, giving me a little start of joy before buzzing off again into the wild. I feel my body melt in relaxation, welcoming the perfect tranquil moment. (Partial excerpt from Wild Women On The Road: A Woman’s Guide to Nomadic Freedom In The Modern Age. – Mary Ellen Telesha © 2023)

I revel in the engagement of my senses; vision, smell, taste, touch, hearing. Letting my gaze wander, I surrender to the enchantment of light and shadow rolling over the distant mountains. The pure melodies of the birds entertain me, and I inhale the rich scents of life. More subtly, I feel my less definable internal senses coming alive with the energy of nature.

What is Sensuality?

And although sex is considered a sensual act, sensuality is so much more. Pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction can be purely non-sexual and still be sensual!

The Sensuality of Nomad Life

Humans living in houses are separated from the natural stimulation that comes from being exposed to outside elements. Subtle environmental changes in the “outdoors” are muted living inside four walls. I’ve always found it interesting that humans have to pay to experience the natural world! Unless of course, you’re a nomad that knows where to camp for free!

The sensuality of nomad life is filled with sensation! From subtle to not so subtle changes in temperature, air pressure, sunlight, clouds, humidity, rain and wind, the microclimate has a direct effect on our bodies. While it can be a challenge to navigate, it can also be exhilarating! I do have a “window'” of tolerable weather condition, but after 6 years it’s interesting to watch my body easily adjust to temps that in the past made me miserable. Now that I know how to do it, 40 degrees can feel cozy in my van at night!

Staying warm and cozy!

Humans are sensual creatures. From enjoying a pungent bag of buttery popcorn at the movies, to a soul-stirring rendezvous with a lover, we naturally seek out sensual experiences. From the senses of taste, smell, hearing, and vision, to the exquisitely sensitive nerve endings all over our bodies, we experience the world in a sensual way.

Being a nomad has its times of discomfort, but even the discomfort allows the contrast that makes comfort even more sensual. Getting warm and toasty after having cold wet feet on a rainy day feels so delicious! Wrapping a soft cozy blanket around myself feels even more sensual after I’ve been whipped around by rough weather.

Become Conscious to Invite Sensuality.

How many busy days are we oblivious to the gorgeous sunshine or a perfect soft breeze? On one of my recent blogs, How to Connect to Nature’s Healing Energy, I share how to really SEE nature. Looking at a tree, at first you’ll just see a flat version of what your mind RECOGNIZES as a tree. As you learn to gaze, and not just look, your vision will be enhanced with rich details. You’ll notice subtle shades of green, the flowing depths of the branches, the ripples of light dappling the leaves.

Instead of of a preconceived idea of a tree that your brain is filling in, you’ll invite the sensuality of seeing the subtle layers of beauty that exist everywhere in nature. And you don’t have to be a nomad to practice this lovely way of viewing the natural world!

As nomads we get to engage with nature from sunrise to sunset. From the turning of the stars in the night sky, to the phases of the moon, we are immersed in the cycles of the Universe. We thrive on fresh air, sunlight and exposure to natural places. Our bodies benefit with less EMFs, off-gassing, indoor pollution and screen time. When we take it a step further by becoming intentionally conscious of the sensations we experience, we invite the sensuality of nomad life!

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